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Why do we suggest tiles over a full panel?

Full Panel -vs- Tiles

Full Panels are nice and look nice and smaller full panels are fine however once they get larger they loose some appeal and here is why. Every morning you wake up and brush your teeth and comb your hair in the mirror - a full mirror lets say a 2'x3' mirror and its nice because you can see yourself without breaks. Now imagine trying to do the same in the tiled mirrors below - much harder. In a full panel there is but 1 image un destorted but with tiles each mirror acts like its own little mirror and while you see yourself in the mirror in your entirety there is a division giving this tile application the illusion of reality.

Keep this in mind in the late 1800's to early 1900's they would not have made these mirrors in 1 piece because glass back then was mouth blown and the average size was about 18" x 24". So therefor the smaller the tile the better the illusion of reality of its age.


Full piece is what you want and you need it 24" x 72" and you only need 1.

Mirror Cost $390

Crate (wood) $80

Shipping $80-100

Now the same area in tiles (lets say 12" x 12")

Mirror Cost $330

Boxing $35

Shipping $50

If you have a larger size single piece it can cost a lot more as then it needs to go on a truck (semi)

Food for thought!