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Understand the size difference between a Square and a Diamond

When ordering mirror tiles some people think that if you order a 6" x 6" square you can turn it and will have a 6" x 6" diamond but you would be very wrong. When determining the size of any diamond you need to know what size your area is. As you can see in the diagram above a 6" x 6" square is when turned on its points into a diamond actually 8.48" x 8.48" which layout wise may or may not work. It also takes .29 more tiles to more tiles to do diamonds then it does squares as well is more difficult to install.

To make this clear to many diamonds are much more appealing then squares HOWEVER if you buy squares in 6" x 6" you will need 4 tiles but if you turn them to diamonds you will now need 5 tiles.

Dont let this scare you from doing diamonds you just need to be aware the difference.

Questions about your areas and the best size tile to do you are best to call Rob 815-663-8148 before you order.