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Different size Antique Mirror Glass Subway Tile in the same size area

Discovering or imagining how an area will look like with different size subway tile may be difficult but look below at the different sizes of subway tile illustrated in the same size area.

Area: 14"t x 48"w (1 of 2 normal back splash heights)

Tile Sizes: 3" x 6", 4" x 8" and 5" x 10"

Notice how using different size tile can dramatically change the way an area looks.

This area is filled with 3"t x 6" wide subway tiles, more tiles equal a more filled and dramatic look.

This area is filled with our standard 4" x 8" subway tile which is common place both in mirror tiles as well as ceramic tiles. Less tiles = less install and a easier install.

The simplest of them all the 5" x 10 tiles takes a little more thinking as you have to start out from the center of the area to get the best look. This shows you that you should never just assume or allow your installer to assume a starting point, you should lay the tiles out a number of ways and dictate to the installer how they are installed.

3" x 6" Subway tile install

3" x 6" Subway Tiles laying them out before

4" x 8" Subway tiles installed on a focal wall

5" x 12" Subway Tiles installed in a backsplash

Again 4" x 8" installed in a back splash

No matter the area there is no right or wrong install, it is what is appealing to you. Hire the right people, use the correct material (mirror mastic or mirror adhesive) to apply the tiles and you will love your install like these customers love theirs! Questions or if you need help with your area: Call Rob 815-663-8148