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Making the most of your brand. There are many alternatives to just installing plain antique mirror glass. My favorite is the addition of company information to draw your eye to what is important - YOUR BRAND.

Perfect example is the mirrors that we created for DGS Deli, not only do they have a unique and memorable look but it also has information. This is a great way to draw your customers eye in, gives them a lot to talk about and even makes them want to send others in to see what that company has.

Back end of the deli - mirrors double the size of the space while giving a timeless appearance.

Antique Mirror Glass is also placed behind the bottles in the bar area and we also sandblasted and gilded antique mirror with information

Question is always posed to me, why the cost? A: We start by making quality antique mirror glass, then cut vinyl and lay it out on the back of the mirror, sand blast the wording or the design into the back of the mirror just deep enough that it looks like its embossed.

Gilding and the steps there after add to the detail of age which is important when you are presenting lettering onto a mirror that has the look of being antique.

This is our old sandblasting unit which has been upgraded since we did the DGS Deli job. We have purchased a similar unit just more high tech but as you can see the machine allows us to insert the panel into and through the machine to sandblast large panels

This is a better look at what can be done with a lot of planning and working with us at Timeless.

Making a atmosphere fun and inviting you can make your business a place that people whether visiting for the first time or their 100th will always talk about.

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